The Hair & Makeup Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere Thanks To MBFWA 2018

Sure, MBFWA is meant to be entirely about the clothing on model’s backs. And while it is absolutely about that – it’s also a great week to discover the next wave of hair and beauty trends that’ll be adorning the mugs of everyone come summer.

Hell, come mid-winter in fact. Here’s a wrap of the trends I’m predicting will go big based off the MBFWA runways.


Seen at: MacGraw, Acler

MacGraw. Credit: Lucas Dawson
Acler. Credit: Hanna Lassen/WireImage

Makeup just continues to go down the road of “bare minimum effort”, and lip stains are that and then some. The berry lips at MacGraw (c/o Lancome) and Acler (also Lancome) were slightly glossy and very much mimicked a naturally flushed lip tone. Extremely wearable for even the biggest makeup rookie.


Seen At: Thurley, We Are Kindred

Thurley. Credit: Sonny Vandervelde.
We Are Kindred. Credit: Matt Jelonek/WireImage

That excellent trend of tying your hair back loosely with a hair scarf has officially returned, which means my summer days will be easy as hell. The trick is to keep your natural hair texture happening, and let the ponytail hang low.


Seen At: Lee Mathews, Karla Spetic

Lee Mathews. Credit: Supplied
Karla Spetic. Credit: Zak Kaczmarek/Getty Images

Instead of cutesy blushed cheeks, there was a definite trend toward earthier pinks on the MBFWA runways this year. More of a sunkissed blush than a “oh my god, there’s a cute boy”.


Seen At: C/MEO Collective, Anna Quan

Anna Quan. Source: Getty
C/MEO Collective. Credit: Zak Kaczmarek/Getty Images

Forget styling your hair into oblivion with heat tools, most runways at MBFWA showcased model’s natural hair texture, playing up curls and waves and remaining unconcerned with the odd flyaway or kinked strand. It’s a god-send for anyone (me) who hot irons their curls into submission on the daily.


Seen At: Alice McCall

Alice McCall. Credit: Supplied.

Cat-eye flicks on crack was the eye trend order of the day at Alice McCall. These bold, bad wings are absolutely the go-to for paring back the innocence of the frothy, lacy Victorian styles we saw all over the MBFWA runways.


Seen At: MacGraw, Alice McCall

Macgraw. Source: Getty
Alice McCall. Source: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

While Macgraw did half-up hair with fairytale-level romantic curls, the style had much more edge at Alice McCall. All this says is that this style can be done no matter what your ~personal brand~ is. Keep it sweet with natural texture or make it disco appropriate by slicking it back.


Seen At: Christopher Esber, Acler

Christopher Esber. Credit: Lucas Dawson.
Acler. Credit: Getty

Yes, no makeup-makeup has been happening for years now. But if MBFWA is anything to go by, our beauty looks are going to get even more pared back. Both Acler (Lancome) and Christopher Esber (makeup by Mecca Cosmetica) went for the dewy vibe with barely anything on eyes and lips. It’s as low key as low key gets.