MBFWA ’17 DAY FOUR: Welp, Tassels Are Well And Truly Back

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It’s the end of the line, folks. MBFWA ’17 is done! Now we can all look forward to the epic fun that is the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weekend, which – if you haven’t already – you should totally grab tix for. Especially if you’re a budding fashionista. But back to Thursday. If any day this week had an absolute mish-mash of trends and themes, it was yesterday. Ten Pieces once again took over Icebergs with their sport-luxe wares, VMajor brought back boho fringing, Strateas. Carlucci is clearly obsessed with Clueless (never a bad thing), and of course to no one’s surprise, Romance Was Born was absolutely borked in the best way.

Remember when suede fringing was cool back in ’05? VMajor is making a play to bring it back, and look – it’s working on me. it was fringing ahoy on their runway, and everything was super wearable – the kind of collection where you could pack it all in your suitcase and hightail it to the nearest tropical resort, and you’d be 100% set. It’s also clear we will continue to be completely covering our hands with sleeves for at least another 6-12 months, if their shirts and jackets are any indication.

Oh, Dyspnea. We all knew you would come out with some manic pixie dream girl collection with Carebears levels of sparkly happiness, and you didn’t disappoint. There was plenty of hype for their “I’m on a boat” show – yep, literally on a boat – and while it was a little logistically difficult and squishy, it made for some epic pics of glittery models going full Titanic. As in, before the boat sunk and everyone was having a gr9 time. This boat – did not sink, guys. Dyspnea has always marched to the beat of their own, spangled drum – which is why I absolutely adore them. Absolute need, want, must have? Those pale blue sheer flares.

 I am always down for a bit of velour and bold check prints – so I was very on board with Strateas. Carlucci’s 90’s vibes. The ‘Devo’ and ‘Suss’ shirts were heavily Instagrammed, and I want both of them so can someone get me some spare $$ for that please? Those body-skimming shapes we’ve been seeing at most shows over the week were absolutely not here – everything was loose, bulky, and super dramatic. 

And then we come to the showstopper that was Romance Was Born. Always OTT in the best way, this year’s runway was red and reflective, with the models finishing perched around a floral tower looking like the best kind of manic tea party attendees. There was plenty going on – unicorn inspiration, 70’s disco, a bit of Alice in Wonderland. If you can’t find a dusk-til-dawn party outfit in this collection, you’re not doing it right friends.

Phew! What a week. My wallet is going to be crying within 2 months, let’s be honest. Til next year…

Images: Getty.