Match Abandoning Rain Delay Spawns World Record Beer Snake

Yesterday’s One Day International may have been a wash-out but it certainly wasn’t a waste as 22,521 (mostly shit-faced) cricket fans celebrated the construction of the world’s largest beer snake. Toppling the previous world record set at the WACA in 2007, the thirsty fans assembled a slinking serpent-like structure that stretched the length of the Victor Trumper stand (over 100 metres).

Like a perverse drunken wildlife documentary, eager fans watched the wobbly mating dance as the two snakes poked and prodded to no avail until a fearless snake ranger/joiner lined up either end and facilitated the beautiful union. Two had become one.        

And a special mention to ground officials who could have easily ended the crowds quest for glory.  
A glorious security guard liaised with police officers to ensure the safe passage of a smaller beer snake from one side of the sight screen [sic] to the other, thereby joining the two nascent snakes into a behemoth.

via Bigpond Sport

Picture by @RichieBenud/Twitter