‘Married’ Couple Faces Early Dramas Thanks To A “Psychic” Bridesmaid

Jesus the internet does NOT like women with opinions, does it? 
Example A: Tonight’s episode of ‘Married At First Sight,’ which featured surprise fiancés Alene, a 31-year-old nurse who moved from Lebanon to Australia at the age of 15, and Simon, a goofy 37-year-old farmer.
It also gave us Amanda, who is both a) Alene’s psychic bridesmaid and b) a woman who had the gall to be wary of a dude her best friend had just met/married.
Guess which of these people on Twitter felt like taking a jab at:

As good a burn as that last one is, one billion dollars says a #psychicbestman wouldn’t have gotten this level of hate.
But ignoring the obvious misogyny going on here, tonight’s episode was weird as hell. Largely because they put a goddamn psychic in it.
To start off with, on the night before her bff Alene met/married her future beau Amanda has a spooky spooky dream:

And, to be fair to Amanda, she did guess the shit out of Simon’s name. 
Whether she also guessed a hundred other names in some unaired footage, the producers told her, or she has rad as heck powers, will forever be a mystery.
Simon, by the way, has an incredibly sympathetic backstory; he survived both severe epilepsy in his mid-20s and brain surgery that required learning how to speak again. The fact that Amanda didn’t immediately love him seems to be a big part of the online hate.
And while her first horrible criticism of the guy is that fact he didn’t seem to be Alene’s type, which Alene flat-out confirms, she did get another, unambiguous sign: 
Alene dropped her ring in the pooper.

Amazingly, Amanda picked the ring out of the crapper like a goddamn champion.
She did, however, obviously take this as a bad sign, because what else do we pay psychic for:
“Is that bad energy? I was just talking about positive energies” 

“I done know if this was a bad sign?”
Naturally, Amanda eventually comes around, and it’s a big goddamned happy ending for everyone:

So tonight, a psychic both guessed a random dude’s name from a dream she had, and pulled a ring out of a toilet. So what if she created some drama for two anonymous newlyweds?
She’s a hero, I’m a believer, and you can get stuffed Twitter

Source and photo: Channel 9.