‘MAFS’ Finally Made A Squirming Jonesy Face Up To Footage Of The Boys Night

It’s the moment we have all been waiting for: ‘Married At First Sight‘ sat Jonesy down and showed him those receipts
If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, allow me to refresh your memory: during the show’s infamous “boys’ night”, Andrew ‘Jonesy’ Jones told the rest of the jeering and giggling husbands all the things he didn’t like about new wife Cheryl, managing to chuck in a stomach-turning air-boob grab along with the rest of his generally grotty behaviour. 
THEN when he was confronted about it he – and the other dummies – lied about it! And called Cheryl emotional and crazy!
As Twitter rightly pointed out, this is blatant gaslighting behaviour, made all the more jaw-dropping by the fact that the whole thing is captured on film for all eternity, you moron
It was an ongoing point of friction throughout the series, and in tonight’s final wrap-up we all got the sweet, sweet relief we’d been hanging out for: watching Cheryl and Jonesy sit on a couch next to each other while the producers played the footage of that very same boys’ night. 
Please do yourself the service of watching Jonesy visibly squirm at the prospect of seeing his garbage self played back to him in full HD right here:
Despite literally having video evidence, Jonesy still demonstrated the total disinterest in taking responsibility for his actions which we have come to know and love him for. 
Australia ain’t havin’ a bar of it. 

Neither was Cheryl. 

By all means, watch the whole thing here. There’s truly no sweeter justice than TV justice.
Source: Channel 9. 
Image: Twitter / @LeenzJ.