MAC Fans Are Srsly Into The Visible Facial Hair Flashed In Recent Insta Post

Over the weekend, MAC Cosmetics posted a seemingly innocuous lipstick shot to Instagram to promote their ‘Chestnut’-coloured (an intense brown) lip pencil ($30, just in case you want it).

[jwplayer uhR6V6TN]

It’s a repost from Toronto-based make-up artist Matthew King, who originally shared the shot of a fellow MUA wearing both the lip pencil and a limited edition lipstick from their Aaliyah for MAC collection titled ‘Try Again’ (not available in Aus, soz), back in July. The OG copped a modest 212 likes, while the repost is up at 142,935 – and it’s gotten its fair share of attention thanks to one minor detail.

Just above her lip you can see a couple of visible facial hairs (shock! horror!).

Yeah, did you need to scroll back up  and look really closely, because you didn’t even notice at first glance? And if you yourself get up close enough to your own face in the mirror you too can see light blonde hairs on your face, and you think, are these noticeable enough that I need to pluck ’em?  (Not if you don’t want to!)

That shit is natural, and big ups to MAC for sharing the image like it ain’t no thang – particularly in an industry where most beauty brands will photoshop out any errant hair, or only shoot and share photos of models with waxed upper lips.

People from all over the globe have been commenting to share their praise for the brand’s championing of natural women, and also just to talk about what a lovely lip shade it is.

Image source: Instagram / @maccosmetics.

It’s only a small change from the major make-up retailer, but one which could have a real impact on young women and their self-esteem – hopefully helping them not feeling self-conscious or unattractive because they have a wee bit of fuzz above their lip. That sounds pretty good to us.

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