Can you believe Lush have been making bath bombs for thirty years? I didn’t even know the brand had been in existence for that long – I thought it was a late-90s thing that was purely invented for my tween self to have access to beauty products mum would actually let me buy because they were ‘natural’.

But it’s true – Lush have been making bath bombs since 1989, making this year their 30th anniversary. And instead of celebrating with a simple anniversary bomb, they’ve gone absolutely HAM – they’re dropping 54 (!!) new bath bombs, meaning I will never have a shower again.

According to the brand, the drop will feature “some brand-new formulas and others resurrected from deep within the Lush archives, with an innovative new look.” FUN.

All we have to go on so far are the names of the bombs, which Allure have announced are: Black Rose, Blackberry, Blue Skies & White Clouds, Bom Perignon, Calavera, Chocomint, Deep Sleep, Fairy Jasmine, Fairy Trumpets, Figaro Figaro, Flower Power, Fruity Giant Bombshell, Geo Phyz, Geode, Ginger Ninja, Goldrush, Golden Pear, Groovy Kind of Love, Harajuku, Hi Ho Silver, Honey I Washed the Kids, Hulder, Kappa, Karma Yantra, Kitsune, Lavender Giant Bombshell, Lucky Cat, Magic, Magma, Marshmallow World, Melusine, Moon Spell, Ne Worry Pas, Peng, Pirates of the Carrageenan, Royalty, Sea Salt Giant Bombshell, Seaweed Giant Bombshell, Shijimi Butterfly, So White, Splash, Star Spell, Strawberries & Cream, Sushi, Tadaima Okaeri, Tea & Sympathy, Tender Is the Night, The Comforter, The Olive Branch, Turmeric Latte, Yog Nog, Yokozuna, Youki Hi, and Yuzu & Cocoa.

I’m frankly keen for this Olive Branch one, which sounds like it’ll be using nourishing olive oil IMO, and this Lavender Giant Bombshell because I like to sleep and lavender promotes tiredness. I may pass on Turmeric Latte, I am terrified of being stained by turmeric and won’t even do face masks with the anti-inflammatory super-ingredient.

These are all dropping in the States, FYI – we’ve reached out to Aussie Lush to determine if the 54-bomb drop is happening globally though, so stay tuned.