Holy Shit Lowes Totally Sells $16 Flannos For Puppies So Go Grab One For Yr Little Big Mahn

Excuse me but this might just be the best thing that I’ve seen this week – Lowes is selling dog flannos that you can put on your best mate. It’s extremely fucken rude that nobody told me about this until now, and yes whatever I don’t have a dog but that’s beside the point because these perfect dog flannos are too cute for words. All dogs must wear them, it’s the law.

If you want to couples dress with your fave little four-legged mate and you’re not into the whole puffer jacket vibe then fuck it, get a matching flanno shirts from Lowes and step out together looking like a couple of matchy-matchy legends who might be going to the footy, or maybe out to cut some wood together.

You cannot sit there and tell me that this isn’t totally fucking adorable.

lowes dog flanno
The littlest mahn. (Dog flannelette shirt – $15.95)

Want to match with your littlest legend? You fully can with human flannos in the same colour pattern. Look. Look!

lowes dog flanno
Unisex human brown check flannelette shirt – $17.95

Maybe you’re both more into a forest green because it makes your eyes pop? No worries, try these Lowes dog and human flannos on for size.

lowes dog flanno
So handsome. Green check dog flannelette – $15.95
lowes dog flanno
Human man flanno – $17.95

Or maybe you wanna dress like the Big Mahn himself, take some inspo from this very nice blue number. Very good for knocking the froth off one around a fire.

lowes dog flanno
Really brings out your colour, cutie. (Blue-black dog flannelette – $15.95)
lowes dog flanno
THE BIG MAHN. (Blue denim Big Men’s flannelette – $29.95)

No worries if you don’t have a little chicken nugget pup at home, the Lowes dog flannos go right up to a 2XL in dog sizes as well. The XL comes in at 48cm long, with a neck of 47cm and a check of 91cm, so that’s absolutely accommodating you big, four-legged pal at home. Do I now want to see a Rottweiler in a flanno? Yes absolutely.

I cannot stress this enough, please get your dog a flanno shirt. It’s important for me and my general happiness. And you’ll 100% be the best dressed at the dog park in the mornings, too.