Wonder gurl of the moment (and captor of our beating hearts) Lorde has been spotted casually hanging out with none other than the Monarch of all things, Tavi Gevinson, in New York. After Tavi’s appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Friday night (still scouring the internet for her interview, someone help a desperate sister out and link us), it appears that Tavi and Lorde did as perf teenage girl human beings do and hung out together, making us scathingly jealous of their glamorous, exceedingly adequate-for-their-age lives.

As Tavi captions the below image, “It looks casual but it didn’t feel casual, it felt like everything was right in the world…”. 

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

Also worth noting is a photo Tavi posted just before that, of Lorde and a mystery dude being cool cats and perching on a building. Doubly worth noting is how Tavi looked on her Late Night appearance (after the jump)