Lindsay Lohan recently went to Turkey in order to try to do her part and take part in some humanitarian work, helping Syrian refugees. 
She visited a refugee camp in Gaziantep and did the whole Angelina Jolie shebang, even putting on a medical coat and assisting doctors with paediatric checks.
She received excellent reception due to her genuine enthusiasm, plus she did a press conference wearing a headscarf and told press she’d studied the Quran (adding, “they crucified me for it in America).
The Turkish Daily Sabah reported that she had become increasingly interested in international politics and had, “expressed support for Ankara’s call for a change in the structure of the international body for countries outside the five permanent members to have more of a say on international issues.” 
News site Al-Monitor reported that Lohan recited “one of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s worthier mantras: ‘The world is bigger than five’”, which is a major critique of the UN Security Council.
“Lohan’s compatriot Angelina Jolie has visited the same refugee camps along the Syrian border several times, but she never elicited the gushing enthusiasm afforded Lohan.”
While that’s really cool and it’s good seeing celebs give a damn, more recent news is a bit weirder. 
Page Six is reporting that Lohan has been organising another method of assistance for the refugees in the Turkish camp – she’s sending them energy drinks. 
According to an inside source, Lohan’s gonna be sending the the same energy drink that she uses in her nightclub, ‘Lohan‘, to the camp. 
It’s a German energy drink called Mintanine. Their website describes them as a ‘blue caffeine lemonade’ with the tag line — “Blue tastes woohoo”. 
The statement ‘Your Life Style Drink‘ is plastered down the side of the cans, which will enhance the lifestyles of refugees living in camps after being forced to flee their homes.
Healthwise, the site says that the drink doesn’t contain ‘synthetic flavors or caffeine, no taurin, no aspartam, no inosit’, but it does use ‘natural guarana’.
A source told Page Six

“There’s hardly food, water or anything, so at this point sending anything is helpful.

This is all part of Lindsay’s mission to help refugees.”
… Alllllllllllrighty then.
Source: Page Six
Photo: Andolu Agency / Getty.