Learn Camera Skillz with Fashion Photographer Derek Henderson

If you like to take photos of people in their Sunday best (or their Saturday worst), maybe it’s time to think about taking the step up from #fashun photographer to fashion photographer. How do you do it? Well, for a start, get coached by international photographer Derek Henderson.

If your photos are currently looking a bit like this:

And you’d prefer them to look like this:

Derek Henderson is your man. (He took this here shot of NZer Zippy Seven.)

If you’ve not heard of him, Derek creates stunning imagery for the likes of RUSSH, Vogue and Oyster and has lent his lens to campaigns for Marcs, Zimmerman, Karen Walker and Rodd & Gunn. But he’s not all about the #fashun world. His latest book, a joint venture with NZ illustrator Kelly Thompson titled Darkness of Noon, is chock full of nekkid (but v tasteful) shots Zippy kinda just hanging out in the outback. Her naturalness and ease in front of the camera makes every shot look just so darn calming.

So how does he do it? You’ll just have to sign up for his Pedestrian Coach session to find out! He’ll be running you through tips and tricks on how to work with your subject, how to capture a personality in a single frame and how to get the best out of your photographs. (If you’re not a fan of fashion, it’s okay, he knows how to take photos of other things too.)

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