If there’s one trend that just won’t quit (and also like, please never quit) it’s personalisation. Whether you’re embossing your wallet with your initials or repping a slogan phone case, we’re all obsessed with our key fashion items having that little something else, something that makes them personal to us. Enter Laurie Lee, who’s been making bank off this trend since 2015 with her custom leather jackets.

I’m not talking just a few little studs here and there – Laurie’s jackets are ridiculous levels of epic. Think hand-painted lettering in wild colours, with the most killer of slogans emblazoned on them.

Of late, it seems like some brands have been ripping off her designs and signature style, something she’s addressed on Instagram.

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????Art ain’t free muthafuckers ???? A message to the high street brands that wanna rip my designs: If you’re gonna take the hard work of independent designers/makers and make a buck from the sweat off our backs it will cost you. Not just in reputation but in actual cold hard cash. Because we’re waking up to your BS and we know our legal rights. If you like the work of an indie brand, work with em. Pay them for their designs and everyone wins here. It’s so simple. Work together, support the next generation of makers, keep your brand relevant whilst championing the work of small brands – it makes excellent business sense for everyone. Most indie brands struggle to gain the exposure they deserve and struggle to actually make the money they work so damn hard for. And we’re not even talking ‘riches’ here. Just enough to get by. It’s not a lot to ask is it?

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But Laurie ships worldwide, so if you’re into her designs why not buy direct? Sure, they’ll set you back a pretty penny – but DER, they’re custom jackets you’ll keep forever, right? Here’s some I’m personally obsessing over.

Trouble Biker Jacket, $548.98
Your Loss Biker Jacket, $548.98
Cult Leader Biker Jacket

She also does custom creations, if you’re keen to spend a bit more cash for something truly unique to you. And it doesn’t have to be on a jacket, FYI.

And if you wanna save $$ but love her designs, she sells art too.

Savage Mode Art Print, $45.90

FINALLY, check her sample sale section CONSTANTLY because she’ll pop one-off pieces in there for super affordable prices. Like these red leather pants I’m crying over bc I missed ’em.

Check the rest out on site here, or follow her insta and die over everything like I do here.