Lady Gaga is that friend who you invite to an event and tell her to dress casual only to see her rock up in not one, not two, not three, but FOUR supremely extra lewks.

The A Star Is Born actress and co-host of the 2019 Met Gala made one hell of an entrance at fashion’s night of nights by walking from 84th and Madison to the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art with five dancers, makeup artist Sarah Tanno, and her personal photographer on hand to capture every move.

Her first look consisted of a lavish pink number with matching headpiece that needed several assistants to help escort her in.

Upon her arrival, she took off her giant pink cape to reveal an all-black ensemble, complete with a matching umbrella to match her comrades.

Because the theme is camp, and all, she couldn’t stay too far away from the hot pink and she changed into a strappy number and had a hired goon touch-up her face as she was out in the club, sipping that bub, telling her lover that he’s not gonna reach her telephone.

And finally, Gaga left and returned with a trolly full of booze that reads, ‘Haus of Gaga.’

She stripped it right back for this lewk (literally) and opted for a chic two-piece as her merry dancers pranced around her.

While four outfit changes in such a short time is extremely chaotic energy, I’m betting we haven’t seen the girl’s last look of the night as she is set to co-host the shindig.

Stay tuned.

Image: Getty Images