Kym Ellery Interview For Bondi Style

Central St Martins-trained Kym Ellery is herself becoming a local style icon, while her striking, sculptural fashion range carves out a rep as one of Australia’s best.

How did you get into designing? As far back as I can remember I’ve always wanted to design clothing. My mother is an artist and a sewer so my childhood was spent †creating’. It never wore off.

When did you start Ellery? In the summer of 2007. A stylist at Vogue, Trevor Stones, shot a pair of glitter tights that I had made for one of his main book fashion editorials. The shots were amazing and I thought that if Vogue was shooting my creations before I had even begun a brand, then I should start my label ASAP.

Describe your label in a few words. Chic, sculptural and fashion-forward.

What’s the profile of your typical customer? There seems to be a balance between women that just want beautiful, well-made clothing and the fashionistas who must have the most fashion forward pieces of the season.

How would you describe your own style? It tends to be a mixture of feminine/sexy and tomboy/cool but I would best describe it like a box of chocolates; you never really know what you’re going to get.

Who are your muses? My mother and father. And at the moment Jerry Hall circa mid 80s; Mert and Marcus (Brazilian fashion photography duo – they are amazing and my absolute favourite); Ryan McGinley (also a photographer); Carine Roitfeld (Editor-in-Chief, French Vogue); James Harvey (Art Director and drummer in band †Hot Little Hands’); Susie McCallum (PR to the stars and good friend); Ilona Hamer (Vogue Australia and one of my best friends) and Kinga Burza (Director based in London and my greatest friend).

What do we have in store with your upcoming season’s range? It’s a dark take on beauty pageants, my favourite pageant being an 80s †Miss Teen USA’ competition. Amazing.

How do you think being based in Sydney affects your design sensibility? It keeps me inspired by international fashion. This is important because I need there to be a higher level of something to aspire to.

What are your favourite things to do in Bondi? Snuggle up in my lounge room and watch the waves crash against the rocks.

Bondi Style is a self described “snapshot of life beyond the tourist clichés”. An exploration of Sydney’s most iconic suburb through streetscape photography, style snaps and candid interviews with local creatives and identities.