Kylie Jenner Wore An ‘EAT ME OUT’ Singlet, Saddos Got Upset

Let it be known, as I make it known to you, that being of sound mind, memory, and understanding, I understand that this is about to be a whole article about a mesh singlet.

Should you wish to proceed:

In less than a month well-known person Kylie Jenner is turning 18 and will then, in the eyes of the Californian legal system, be “allowed” to have sex. But apparently, because she is just shy of being ‘an adult,’ there are many who think wearing a singlet featuring the words ‘EAT-ME-OUT’ is too “adult” for her.  

via / ET.
It really is no surprise that so many people and news outlets felt the need to cast judgement, considering @kylizzlesnapchats is the most watched person on Snapchat and casts a wide net. But to paraphrase the American poet Rihannatheir pussies are waaaay too dry to be riding her dick like this.
The mesh singlet comes from iconic LA women’s street style brand D I M E P I E C E and is part of the In-N-Out Burger inspired EMO Collection, which is “a tongue-in-cheek feminist reference and of course, a staple for the brand.” [Their online store is HERE]. 

In the immortal words of Kim Kardashian West, she was feeling her look – can she live?