Kylie Jenner Goes ‘Super Nude’ For V Magazine, Shares The Results On Insta

Cards on the table here, I really don’t know if “super nude” is some kind of arcane fashion industry terminology, or if it’s a unique Kylie Jenner coinage, and Google, as you can imagine, isn’t giving a heck of a lot away.

Whatever the origin of the phase might be, Kylie Jenner recently achieved a state of  self-described super nudity with photographer Nick Knight for V Magazine, and the two of them shared the results on their respective Instagram accounts.

Jenner, who appeared in a variety of sheer, flowy outfits, a blonde wig and shimmering makeup, told the publication that the shoot broke new ground for her. “That was actually my first super nude shoot,” she said. “I always post sexy pictures, but have never really gone nude.”

In a lengthy Instagram post, photographer Knight defended his choice to work with reality TV star and social media entity Jenner, saying that he chooses his subjects based on who he is interested in and treats everyone with the same amount of respect.

Knight shared a story about how his father refused to ever buy another copy of the UK newspaper The Times when it chose not to cover Marilyn Monroe‘s UK visit in the 1950s, accusing them of snobbery when they decided that the actress wasn’t culturally important enough.

He drew parallels between that situation and the anger that some of his followers expressed when he worked with Jenner, writing:

In truth I liked Kylie a lot, she was beautiful and friendly, enthusiastic and hard working and really knew how to model … She is simply by her fame and her business sense now someone of cultural importance. Few people have nearly 100 million followers on Instagram.

However as I have already said I would be just as happy and excited to photograph someone who has no followers and is totally unknown . People are people what ever their colour, wealth or religion. Every single person on the planet is interesting and has beauty in them, if you care to see it and if you are interested in them and take the time to look.

Of the Marilyn Monroe comparison, he said:

I can hear you all already thinking that there are huge differences between the two women, however times have changed and we live in a very different world with different ways of conveying fame, sexuality and power. I would just urge you to respect people [whether] they are rich or poor, famous or unknown.

You can see more photos from the shoot below: