Kylie Jenner Gave An Aussie Label $4M Free Advertising By Wearing A Dress On Insta

Kylie Jenner Byron Bay Johansen Dress

Kylie Jenner is on track to dethrone Mark Zuckerberg and become the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, so it’s no real surprise that it can cost around a million bucks to get a sponsored post on Jenner’s Instagram, which has over 114 million followers.

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So imagine being the owner / designer of a small Byron Bay label and waking up to see that Kyles has posted not one but three pics wearing one of your dresses, and you didn’t cough up any cash for the honour.

That’s exactly what happened to Jessica Johansen-Bell of Aussie brand Johansen, who reckons Jenner wearing her label’s Corset Jumper Dress in two posts last week — and Cha dress in an Insta story — has given the label millions of dollars worth of free advertising.

In a statement provided to local paper the Northern Star, Johansen pointed out the sheer value of the posts.

It has become industry knowledge that a product sponsored Instagram post published by the recently declared billionaire will set back any company approximately $1 million per photo… On Tuesday morning, Ms Johansen woke up to four photos uploaded by Kylie Jenner in one of Johansen’s Australian designed and made dresses to her 113 million followers.

The Northern Star reports that Jenner’s stylist had first requested she be sent Johansen pieces as options for her 21st birthday party which was held two weeks ago.

Though she didn’t wear a Johansen frock to that iconic shindig, she did evidently enjoy the dresses enough to peddle on her Instagram (untagged, but still!).

If you wanna look like Kylie, the dress is on sale RN for $199.