Ksubi Founders Discuss Their Future

Love them or hate them, Ksubi founders Dan Single and George Gorrow have finally come forward to officially comment on the experience of placing their label into voluntary administration in January of this year.

According to Ragtrader, Single and Gorrow stated that the new ownership structure – a consortium including ksubi investor Harry Hodge, Single and Gorrow, and shareholders of streetwear manufacturers Bleach (the organisation that owns Insight and Something Else) – has given the brand the business and management experience it had previously lacked.

“Both Dan and I have never felt more inspired and positive about the brand. We have already experienced a huge change. With the right funding and great management we are experiencing the creative freedom that will allow ksubi to grow,” said Gorrow.

This means they can stick to the creative stuff and leave the charts and number crunching to the smart people.

Kidding! Creatives can be good at maths too. And vice versa. Heh heh. Nervous laugh…

So Ksubi and the boys are well and truly back – talking to the press and stocking your local shelves. Some people – like the clever minds from Sydney-based independent label Pete Versus Toby=”http:> clearly thought their number was up:

T shirt satire:

Via Ragtrader

Title Image by Lisa Maree Williams via Getty