Ksubi ‘Der Face’: Glasses Money Can’t Buy

Ksubi’s spectacle king, George Gorrow, has unveiled his latest project, Der Face, which includes a swag of hand-designed sunglasses that are so cool they won’t even sell them to you. That’s right, it’s an exhibition of glasses and it’s going down in their Chapel Street Store (Melbourne) until the end of November.

‘Der Face’ is based on the idea that when most people scribble idly on a pad with a pen, some of the first things they usually draw are glasses on someone’s face. Which is good, because for a moment we thought Gorrow was actually going to be drawing on our face, and that would have been a bit awkward if we sneezed or something.

Alongside the exhibition of eyewear, designers Gorrow, Dan Single and Mikey Nolan will also get to show off their extensive rolodex with a series of hand illustrated record sleeves designed by internationally renowned identities, just because they can.

The talent list includes King of Weird Shades, will. I. am, Orlando Bloom, Jamie Hinze and Alison Mosshart, Oska Wright, Gregory Rogove of Devandra Bandhart, Courtney Love, Steve Aoki, Theophilus London and probably Jesus Christ Reincarnate by the way things are going.

via Ksubi.