Family and friends of Ksubi founder Dan Single have rushed to the bedside of the 36-year-old in Paris as his condition worsens after a fall from a hotel balcony

Single was working in his hotel with his wife Bambi Northwood-Blythe when he fell from the third-floor balcony. The Daily Telegraph reports that he  “shattered every bone from the bottom of his spine to his heels.”

It is believed that he suffered no brain damage, but his legs were so severely injured that it is unlikely he will be walking for a very long time. Despite the reports of no head injuries, he is in an induced coma and is reportedly in such a bad state that friends and family are making arrangements to get to Paris to be by his bedside.
Reports indicate that Single is still in intensive care.
Northwood-Blythe was photographed returning to the Hotel Grand Amour after the incident. Her most recent Instagram post, congratulating her sister on her marriage, was made after the fall, and the comments are full of well-wishers:
We’ll keep you posted.
Photo: Getty Images.