Ksubi Co-Founder Dan Single Axes Recovery GoFundMe After Backlash

Ksubi co-founder Dan Single has axed a GoFundMe to cover his medical expenses this afternoon, possibly due to the slew of not-very-nice comments he was getting from people who were apparently so willing to have a go at him that they gave him five bucks.
In March, Single managed to shatter “every bone from my feet to my hips and pelvis” after falling 35 metres from a hotel balcony in Paris, which we can all agree, sounds like a fucking terrible time. Single totalled the expenses for his recovery at 250,000 big ones and reportedly made the GoFundMe at the suggestion of a friend.
The page went dark this afternoon, with the link no longer available at the time of writing.
Folks, if there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s either ‘be careful around balconies’ or ‘for the love of God, get travel insurance’.
Photo: Don Arnold / Getty.