Denim brand OneTeaspoon takes the conceit of the ‘cult of denim’ and applies a literal interpretation in the following short film by surf filmmaking luminary Taylor Steele. Shot in the hinterland of Byron Bay, the film features Penrith teenager Krystal Glynn as a lost soul that stumbles upon a ludicrously attractive denim-clad tribe in the forest.

Glynn has been hailed as the next big thing in Australian modeling with one scout already hailing her “Australia’s answer to Kate Moss”. It’s an ambitious label to say the least, although the comparison is not entirely unwarranted; Glynn exudes the casual rock and roll vibe and raw youthful beauty of a teenage Kate Moss as well as the freckles and jaw-dropping photogenic adroitness. We’ll check back in 20 years time and see if the comparison still stands.

Like OneTeaspoon’s new collection the film is titled “Resist. Revolt. Rebel.”.