Kris Jenner Tried A Full Fringe & The Internet Reckon She Looks Like Vintage Kim

kris jenner fringe

The Kardashian family are pretty much the reigning hair chameleons of our generation. Every other day it feels like one of the crew is sporting yet another adventurous hair style in a trippy hue or bold cut.

And, since any normal human’s hair would fall out with such frequent and dramatic switch ups, it’s no surprise that the fam rely heavily on wigs for a fair share of their changes.

Now the mastermind behind the Kardashian fam’s public image, momager Kris Jenner, has just taken to Instagram to share her latest ‘do and the internet is convinced she looks like old skool Kim Kardashian.

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“Today’s Sunday glam! Hair: @andrewfitzsimons Makeup:@etienneortega #ittakesavillage” wrote Kris alongside a close up shot of her rocking a retro-inspired fringe and top knot situation.

It wasn’t long before fashion sleuths, @DietPrada, noticed that Kris’ new look bore an uncanny resemblance to a style sported by Kim K back in 2018.

Here is the comparison for ya:

“I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom! Lol. @kimkardashian October 2018 vs @krisjenner January 2019″ @DietPrada captioned the post.

That Mean Girls reference for Kris will never get old IMO – especially since her glorious ‘Thank U, Next’ cameo.

As suspected, a quick trawl of Kris’ celebrity hairstylist’s, Andrew Fitzsimons, Instagram account suggest that this new ‘do is just another wig.

Less than a week ago, Andrew shared a snap of the momager proudly reppin’ her freshly-trimmed, iconic bob:

“First hairdo of 2019 ???????? Sleek vibes on the BO$$ @KrisJennertoday ????” wrote Andrew.