Here’s a nice and heart-warming story for your Tuesday – remember how yesterday we reported on Kochie‘s insanely expensive, Harry Styles-esque suit jacket from Carols In The Domain?

Facebook / David Koch.

Welp, you know how everyone always tells you to remember that the internet isn’t some big empty space you can just hurl words into at will? Because people, y’know, go on the internet and read what you write?

Here’s some strong proof of that because Kochie found our article and seems a bit chuffed at being called a “baller”.

He was bloody frothing on it, actually.

Hell. Who would ever have thought I’m a “baller”. Thanks Bananas Australia lent me the jacket (they’…

Posted by David Koch on Sunday, 17 December 2017

Think about this – Kochie’s probably read all the stuff you wrote about him. Here are some choice morsels for consideration.

And what’s Kochie – well, Joe Bananas, the brand that made the jacket in question, but we feel like Kochie had a hand in this – gone and done?

They’ve taken that jacket (which was actually a loan as most TV fashion is) and are auctioning it off for charity.

The boys set for Woolworths Carols in the Domain. Thanks Joe Bananas Australia for the incredible jacket. Very special.

Posted by David Koch on Sunday, 17 December 2017

Youth Off The Streets works to help disadvantaged and homeless teens and young people – they do some solid work for young Aussies, and are close to Kochie’s heart.

“Libby and I are very close to Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets,” he said of the charity. “They are a remarkable organisation and they are delighted to be able to auction the jacket.”

There’s no link as yet to the auction, but keep an eye on the Youth Off The Streets Twitter for updates.

Image: Facebook / David Koch