Kobe Confronts Twitter Fan Over Gay Slur

Kobe Bryant opened the year by finally joining Twitter and it was a pretty big deal. Quickly accruing over 250 000* followers, both fans and foes rejoiced at the impending flood of self-absorbed Black Mamba-isms.

While Bryant’s feed was always going to be entertaining and divisive, few predicted he would use his latest social media channel as a means to dish out lessons in 21st century social etiquette. Well, he has. Declaring a redundancy to jock inspired locker room banter, Bryant chastised a fan for using the ‘you’re gay‘ as an insult.

Bryant’s stance was all the more profound given he’d had his own that’s not cool anymore, dude PC issues, having been fined 100k for directing a homophobic insult at an referee in 2011.

Needless to say, Bryant’s new and improved stance on casual homophobia was a hit with fans. Unfortunately Kobe’s LA Lakers have been sucking big time this season but at least he’s winning at life. #slamdunkforprogressivesportsfans

*at time of print he had a shade under 1.3 million Twitter followers.
via The Atlantic
Picture by Harry how/Getty Images