Kmart Just Released Their Sick-Ass New Collection Feat. 128 New Items & I Fkn Want Them All

Kmart Online Exclusives

It’s officially house-hunting season, and most of us are, well, hunting for homes as we move around the Aussie suburbs. That would include me, who will be entering an unfurnished place, and will come to terms with how little I truly own. Like the Goddess of divine intervention that it is, Kmart has launched its Online Exclusives range, and I’m honestly so geeked for it.

The range has a whopping 128 new products coming to Kmart, from home gym equipment to bedroom furniture, so in other words, prepare to go completely broke.

You can get your hands on the goods if you live in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. However, if you’re in South Australia and Tasmania, you’ll have to wait until February 16th to delve into the catalogue.

And my word, what a catalogue it is. Keep in mind though that you won’t be able to walk into a Kmart and get these items, they are completely bound to their online-only exclusivity. Oh no, how awful it is that I’ll have to stay at home… buying all these items… while someone else delivers them to my house. This is perfect news.

You can check out the full range at the Kmart site, but here are some of the hottest items on sale.

Thorne Entertainment UnitThorne Entertainment Unit – $89

Spruce up your sharehouse and put your massive TV on something that isn’t your roommate’s cardboard box! No, seriously, the box really doesn’t look as nice as you think it does.

Olivia BedQueen Bed Olivia Metal Bed Base – $149

Get your bed OFF the floor, and you will no longer be embarrassed to have people over. All you need is a smexy metal frame and you’re good as gold. Kmart has you covered.

ElipticalElliptical Trainer – $199

Put the gym in your room with this handy little piece of equipment. There’s also a boxing bag and stand for the same price, or a rowing machine, cycle spin bike and chin up station if that’s more your style. Basically, you can have a home gym delivered to your doorstep.

Oak DeskDesk with Storage Oak – $119

We might be working from home for a bit longer, so it’s always good to put a desk in your room and set up your little home office.

Outdoor7-Piece Outdoor Dining Set – $389

Split the cost with your housemates and bang, you’ve got yourself a really nice outdoor dining set for dirt cheap. After all, everyone’s gonna be wanting to use it, so may as well all pitch in.

Egg ChairEgg Chair – $249

Egg Chair!!!

If you need me I’m going to be assembling my Kmart egg chair and plonking it right in the middle of my new lounge room.