Kim Kardashian Reveals her Favourite Things on the Internet

You may dimly remember a few weeks ago, Paper Mag teamed up with well-known butt Kim Kardashian’s Butt, with the intention of destroying the internet via photos of said butt

Well, prior to that oiled-up shoot, they conducted an interview with Kim K herself backstage. A video was posted at the time, but has just now caught the internet’s attention, and it’s one of the most joyous things we’ve ever witnessed. 
Here are some #blessed things we learned:
– An internet weirdo once accused Kim of being a raccoon killer, but she’s not
– Somebody changed her initials to ‘K.K.K.’ on Wikipedia, and she found out about it
– Her favourite Tumblr is one with pictures of her
– She regularly quotes the ‘broom broom, I’m in me mum’s car’ Vine in her daily life
– Kanye hates it when she constantly takes pictures while he tries to eat
We spoke to Kim ourselves when she was in the country last, and we’ll never forget her:

via Complex