Kim Kardashian Releases Second Snap Of Bb North, May Or May Not Have Arms

Well would you look at this little *angel emoji*! After a whole month of no one caring talking about Kim and Kanye’s royalty, Kim Kardashian has pretty much gone against the whole shroud of media attention and paparazzi light bulbs she so defended and today was basically like “Who even cares, here’s my goddamn baby.”

We first met North West in August, in an insty moment where she was suitably reaching, reaching ever so desperately towards the vague semblance of a normal life. Looks like the kid failed horribly and this time Kim has tightly wrapped those pesky arms up to make her bb gurl resemble the most well to do, Krazy Kewt Kardashian hot dog the world has ever seen. Case in point, a bunch of instagram commenters have gushed that she’s “so cute I could eat her!!” because she is quite literally a hot dog. Behold.

But you guys. Once North is released from her swaddling shackles and is permitted to use her arms once again, what will this precious thing wear, I (don’t) hear you ask?

Lanvin, of course. I can confidently say that the clothes below are worth more than my car. Sigh.