Kim Kardashian & Madonna Had One Supremely Batshit Convo About Skincare

When it comes to celebrity beauty lines, Kim Kardashian‘s KKW Beauty is easily in the top 5 for most successful launches. Sure, she jumped on the train after little sis Kylie Jenner made waves w/ her Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits, but it’s absolutely paid off – KKW Beauty’s fragrances, highlighters and contouring sticks have repeatedly sold out and generated waves of praise amongst fans.

I completely missed this, but Madonna jumped on the celeb beauty bandwagon ages ago with MDNA Skin. Who knew? Not me, and I’m meant to know these things so either I’m shit at my job (do not start with me) or it was just something that skipped over most of our heads.

The latest product from her range is called The Reinvention Cream, and to celebrate the launch Madonna sat down with Kimmy K at the YouTube Spaces LA event to have a chat about skincare. It was… well, strange.

“I’m obsessed with moisturizing,” said Kim at one point.

“Me too!” said Madonna.

Wow, ground-breaking shit folks.

Madonna’s claiming the hero ingredient in her new cream, as with all her skincare products, is M.T.PARCA thermal water, which is apparently only found in the thermal springs of Montecatini in Italy.

“Roman emperors bathed there. It’s a spot that has attracted everyone from movie stars, to scientists, to political leaders…” she explained. “It treats everything from eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne to arthritis.”

Look. I’m notoriously known for buying into plenty of bullshit claims, conspiracy theories and the like. And while thermal waters have been known to have some skincare/health benefits, this wild claim seems a bit extreme even to me.

The cream also has another hero ingredient.

“The main ingredient of this cream is from something called the resurrection plant,” said Madonna.

The plant is real, btw. Well, the type of plant is. Most are found in Africa, and are known for  their ability to survive with barely any water.

“We’ve been able to extract the stem cells of this plant and put them in this all-in-one cream,” she claimed.

It’s also been designed to use all over the body. Which like mate, considering it’s going for $96 is just absolutely not happening.

“If you’re big on moisture, and you don’t want to have five, six, eight products, you just take this cream and put it everywhere: knees, elbows, face, breasts, butt, everything — you can use it anywhere,” she said.

If you want this odd cream, it’s up for sale as of April 6th, but is available for pre-order now.