Kim K Under Fire For Allegedly Helping Fast Fashion Brands Rip Off Her Outfits

The Kardashians are known trend-setters. Whether you like their threads or not, whatever they wear is likely to become sold out, and/or hit fast fashion websites ASAP for anyone looking to recreate the looks.

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But is Kim Kardashian in cahoots with fast fashion brands to directly rip off her outfits BEFORE she wears them? That’s what Diet Prada is insinuating in their new post, which allegedly shows brand Fashion Nova shooting images for a dress that looks suspiciously like the vintage Mugler Kim wore on the 18th Feb. The issue? the Fashion Nova shoot was reportedly on Valentine’s Day – making it four days prior to Kim even wearing the Mugler.

“At some point recently, a fast fashion photo shoot happened featuring a vintage Mugler dress that @kimkardashian just happened to wear on Sunday night to the Hollywood Beauty Awards…and yes, it appears to be a real dress, not photoshop,” Diet Prada wrote in their Instagram caption.

“Ahead of Fashion Nova releasing the dress at 9pm EST tonight, house model Yodit Yemane may or may not have accidentally leaked a story 2.5 hours earlier of photo options from her shoot featuring the Mugler replica. The file names were even labeled “Kim dress” while it’s now being called “Winning Beauty Cut Out Gown” lol. This begs the question: Did Fashion Nova whip up the dress overnight in their Los Angeles atelier after seeing Kim in it or is she peddling her vintage finds to mass retailers ahead of debuting them for a calculated, timely release?”

For her part, Kim has posted a lengthy Instagram story claiming she is not

Mugler has not commented on the controversy.