Ken ‘Ya Even Bone With This Sexy Undecided Voter Halloween Costume?


Congratulations world, you have done it. There is a sexy ‘Ken Bone’ Halloween costume because we are all garbage humans trading on dank memes for a living. Nothing is sacred.

Called the ‘Sexy Undecided Voter Costume‘, it’s available for order on adult costume site Yandy, which was described as “the leading producer of dank meme costumes” by American news site Dose. You cannot make this shit up.

The costumes – which of course features the “iconic” red jumper (or in this case, a crop top) – asks you to “capture the hearts of American this Halloween in this Yandy exclusive Sexy Undecided Voter, the most loveable political enthusiast of the 2016 election season!”

Unfortunately, dank memes don’t come cheap – this retails for US $99.95. It does however come with a free pair of panties worth US $7.95, so I guess that’s… something?

IRL undecided voter Kenneth Bone has yet to give his views on this monstrosity. Keep an eye out for his next media appearance, which will likely be in a matter of hours / days.

FYI for all your Halloween pick-up lines: 

Photo: Yandy.