KEN OATH: The Aussie Subreddit Uses The Word “Fuck” More Than Most Others

Honestly, who in the living fuck figured the results of this would be any fucken different?
Reddit, to the three of you still unfamiliar, is the internet’s chum net where crowds of people gather in dedicated subsections to discuss the issues of the day, flame each other mercilessly, and freely exchange memes.
Australia‘s little native corner of this mountain of content is the humble /r/Australia subreddit. In it, people write in the manner of language in which we – as Australians – have grown accustomed to. In other words, it’s full of swears n’ shit, yeah? ‘Ken bloody oath, kaant.
A fellow large subreddit, /r/DataIsBeautiful, looked at the language used in a whole host of large subreddits (ones that attracted over 100,000 comments in the month of February) and ranked them all based on the instance of the word “fuck.”
In news that should surprise precisely none of you, people /r/Australia swear. A whole fucken shitload, as it turns out.
Our native subreddit happens to be the third biggest dropper of the f-bomb recorded.
The chart, posted to Imgur, provides some fairly hefty laughs.
How the bloody hell about that! We only got knocked off by CringeAnarchy, which is a subreddit full of somewhat awkward memes and screenshots, and BlackPeopleTwitter, which is a massive dump full of funny tweets.
And then there’s us. In third. The bronzed Aussies.
Our foul internet mouths (or, uh… fingers, I guess) soundly beat out hockey – a miracle, given how much swearing hockey fans do (spoiler: a lot), conspiracy – which is frankly built on a foundation of snippy nit-picking and profanity, and news – which… hell yeah, we smashed news.
At the opposite end of the scale, if you’re not super comfortable enduring a torrent of bad words, then you might want to scoot on over to PokemonTrades, which is a peaceful, civil place used exclusively for trading and exchanging Pokemon and quite literally nothing else.
Oddly, GlobalOffensiveTrade ranks as one of the lowest fuck-users as well, which renders its name as something of a misnomer.
But there you have it, folks. We might not be number one, but you can all rest safe in the knowledge that when it comes to fucken’ swearing, Australia has EnoughTrumpSpam soundly licked.
Fuck yeah.

Source: DataIsBeautiful/Reddit.
Photo: Imgur.