Mens footwear label Gideon will open its flagship store in an abandoned Sydney church next Tuesday, with special guest Kelly Cutrone. Appearing on The Hills, The City, her own reality show, Kell on Earth, and even Dr. Phil, Cutrone is almost as famous for her self-empowering Kelly-isms (“gather up your courage like an armful of free clothes at a McQueen sample sale”) as she is for her fashion publicity empire, People’s Revolution. A fan of Gideon’s toad/kangaroo skin, anti-exploitation sneakers, Cutrone has signed the label to People’s Revolution and will represent them later this year when they launch in the US. But first, she will help them launch in Australia.

Besides making you look super-duper fresh, the $400 or so that you spend on these sneakers will go to a good cause (no, we don’t mean your vanity). Brothers Rupert and Matt Noffs (of the Noffs Foundation) first conceived the brand to help raise money for The Street University, an off-shoot of the foundation which helps marginalized kids in Western Sydney.

You can check out the shop at 142 Chalmers St, Surry Hills.

Words By Ingrid Kesa