Keep Sydney Open Reveal Massive 3rd Protest In Martin Place After Setback

After having a massive protest knocked back last month, anti-lockout advocates Keep Sydney Open (KSO) have revealed the location for its replacement – and they’ve promised it’ll be even bigger than the scuttled Kings Cross event.

The new protest will take place on Saturday February 18 at Martin Place, between 12pm and 3pm. Keen punters have been advised to start writing them signs, pronto.

Of course, that set-up is a lil’ different from the originally proposed evening gathering in Kings Cross, but the change of venue makes sense considering last month’s protest-canning Supreme Court decision.

(ICYMI, they ruled KSO couldn’t field the event due to a lack of security personnel, evacuation plans, insurance and the like. KSO took issue with that ruling, saying they’d never been asked to provide those at prior protests.)
KSO state the legal opposition to the cancelled event means the new protest isn’t just about how Sydney’s lockout laws are harming the city’s culture and economy – it’s now also about the right to free assembly:
“We’re not only fighting the lockouts and for Sydney’s vibrancy but also for the right to protest and be heard on the streets of OUR city.”
A line-up for the event is yet to be announced, but look, if you’re that keen on having your voice heard regarding the city’s nightlife, you might feel inclined to head along regardless. Scope it out riiiight here. 

Source: Keep Sydney Open / Facebook. 
Photo: Cole Bennetts / Getty.