Kate Upton’s Breasts Were Shot In Zero Gravity For Sports Illustrated’s 50th Anniversary Swimsuit Edition

After winning back-to-back appearances on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s feted swimsuit edition – the last which involved traversing the globe to pretend that a swimwear shoot in Antarctica was a pleasurable experience, Kate Upton and her “ladies” have enlisted the help of technology to revolutionise the way you ogle at them, taking part in an ambitious SI swimwear shoot that is literally out of this world and unrestricted by the laws of physics. 

SI editors, on the occasion of the magazine’s 50th Anniversary swimsuit edition, thought it would be a cool idea to shoot the flesh and bone fruition of someone, somewhere’s Weird Science dream woman floating in various states of undress in a sag-eliminating zero-gravity chamber and see what would happen when what goes up doesn’t come down and just jiggles there in a hypnotic loop of weightlessness. 
Upton, according to The New York Post, “was shot in a zero-gravity chamber in a silver swimsuit with weightless ample bosom and big hair that made her “look like something out of ‘Barbarella.’”

Sports Illustrated’s 50th Anniversary swimsuit edition will hit newsstands, thirsty adolescent boys’ secret magazine collections, in February.