Kate Upton Arrives In Australia To Pretend She Cares About The Melbourne Cup

In news relevant to those of you with a discerning interest in equine sports and Hotties with Bodies, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition repeat offender with high fashion crossover appeal and social media clout, Kate Upton, has just arrived in Australia in anticipation of being ogled and repeatedly asked the same inane questions in a hermetically-sealed luxury birdcage at tomorrow’s Emirates Melbourne Cup. It’s a real win for Emirates, whose celebrity drawcard last year was Mischa Barton :/

Speaking with Vogue, Upton revealed just hours after stepping off the plane – probably kinda sweaty and unkempt with lamb brochette all down her front – that “Horses are one of my true passions in life. I’ve been showing with the American Paint Horse Association since I was 10 years old, and still own a horse [called Robby].” 

Upton also told Marie Claire that she’d been showing with the American Paint Horse Association since the age of seven – so which is it, Kate? – and that “I’m excited to see all the hats and the fashion. Basically Melbourne Cup sounds like all of my favourite things in life rolled into one!”

Here’s hoping she also enjoys getting shamefully boozed on the General Admissions lawn. Welcome Kate! <3