Kate Moss Follows An Oz Model Army At Louis Vuitton

No one thought that after Kate Moss got married she would hang around the house ironing sheets and baking cakes all day, but I didn’t think she would still be doing runway shows. Not because she’s married, but because she is 37 and is starting to look 37, instead of the freakishly youthful and unreasonably beautiful human being that she has been pre-37 years old. But there she was! Walking for the Louis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week, a vision in white feathers.

Everyone gets super jazzed whenever Kate does anything because she’s like the Chosen One of modeling; and while I worship her just as much as anyone, I’ve gotta admit the old gal looks like… an old gal compared to the beautiful youths who walked before her, among them 5 gorgeous Australians including newcomer Crystal Copeland who was the very first cab off the rank. See them below, resplendent in the ladylike organza and laser-cut lace of Marc Jacobs‘ emphatically pretty Spring collection.

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Image by: Carl Court via Getty