I’m Pissed I Only Just Discovered This Luxe Activewear That Would’ve Made A Great 2020 Uniform

Kate Gulliano Activewear
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If 2020 taught me anything, it’s that activewear is the most versatile (and comfy) clothing in my wardrobe. I hardly took the stuff off, and if I’m being honest, I miss it. I miss it so much that I’m currently wearing a sports bra with baggy jeans and an oversized jacket just to feel that kinda comfort on a weekday again. 

One brand I wish I knew about last year but didn’t is Kate Galliano Activewear, which is both dreamy and affordable. Their high quality fabrics and sleek designs transcend the gym and double as streetwear, especially their new KG Luxe collection, making them the perfect WFH uniform. 

Each piece has a structural fit that not only supports you while you workout in the gym, but looks achingly cool when paired with denim or leather. Designed with comfort and the female figure in mind, their leggings and bike shorts are squat-proof, durable, lightweight and have antibacterial features; while their crops are form fitting, supportive and come with removable cups, so you can wear it however you feel comfortable. 

The collection also comes in five colour ways — rich lilac, sage, cream, ice blue and black — and matching sets so you can feel like you’ve accomplished something before you even step foot in the gym. And it’s activewear that won’t cost you a kidney, leggings and shorts will set you back between $69-89, while crops will cost you a neat $50. I’m also a big fan of their ribbed, seamless collection. It’s made from a four way knit, comes in five cute colours, looks comfy AF and is perfect as the weather starts to cool down. 

Below, you can check out Kate Galliano Activewear’s new Luxe Collection in each of the colour ways. Happy shopping, folks! 

KG LUXE Bottoms in Cream

KG LUXE Bottoms in Cream, $69– $89

KG LUXE Bottoms in Sage

KG LUXE Bottoms in Sage, $69– $89

KG LUXE Bottoms in Rich Lilac

KG LUXE Bottoms in Rich Lilac, $69– $89

Kate Galliano activewear

KG LUXE Bottoms in Ice Blue, $69– $89

KG LUXE Bottoms in Black

KG LUXE Bottoms in Black, $69– $89

Kate Galliano activewear

KG LUXE Cropped Top in Rich Lilac, $50

KG LUXE Cropped Top in Sage

KG LUXE Cropped Top in Sage, $50

Kate Galliano activewear

KG LUXE Cropped Top in Cream, $50

KG LUXE Cropped Top in Black

KG LUXE Cropped Top in Black, $50

Kate Galliano activewear

KG LUXE Cropped Top in Ice Blue, $50