Karl Lagerfeld’s Gone And Made A Soft Toy Of Choupette That’s $700

Karl Lagerfeld really, really loves his cat Choupette. So much so that he’s not only made an entire fashion line dedicated to the lil’ kitty, complete with cat-ear beanies and other shit no one needs to spend hundreds of bucks on, he’s also hired two – yes, two – nurses who care for her full-time. Basically, this cat lives a better life than you.

Now, King Karl has taken his adoration for his pet even further, enlisting German toy company Steiff to create a plush version of her. Naturally, the toy version ain’t going cheap – she’ll set you back a solid $700 Aussie bucks, and you’ll have to be pretty damn swifty if you want to get your hands on one, as there’s only 2,000 on offer.
Karl made a statement on his latest venture, and it’s peak crazy cat man.
“Choupette is such a famous and beautiful cat that when this request came to me, I was not even surprised. Steiff is the perfect choice for this kind of collaboration. It’s the only company that has the required expertise to highlight the extreme and absolute refinement of this young princess.”

We’re not even judging, if we had a bazillion bucks and the kind of fashion fame Karl has, we’d probably be creating plush versions of our own pets coz animals > humans and rational thinking, always. 

The lil’ plush bebe goes on sale in May on Karl.com.
Image: Karl.com