Karen Walker’s Latest Campaign Is The Toast Of The Internet

You can always rely on Karen Walker to create campaigns for her eponymous label that are as bold as her singular designs are quintessentially her own (see last year’s stunning Derek Henderson lensed partnership with a Masai tribe and the United Nations’ Ethical Fashions Initiative for a reminder). 
Summer 2015 is no exception, and it’s not surprising then that the finished product has fast become The Toast of the Internet for its use of a zeitgeist capturing campaign face of the same name. If the identity of that face has so far escaped you, tbh you’re in dire need of an optical exam. 
It’s Toastan Instagram famous King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Toast is the face of Karen Walker’s wind machine swept new campaign, and it’s brilliant.
For the uninitiated, Toast is the toothless style icon and anti-puppy farm campaigner the Internet deserves, fostered as she has been by The Fat Jew, who told us his first impression on seeing sweet little Toast in Tom Schirmacher’s photos was:
Too true. 
Walker’s Summer 2015 collection drop in stores from February. 
Photo by Tom Schirmacher, supplied.