Kanye’s Latest Yeezy Campaign Called Out For Ripping Off Yet Another Artist

The Diet Prada blog, which specialises in calling out knock-offs and fakery in the fashion world, has put Kanye West on blast yet again, noting a number of similarities between a recent Yeezy campaign and a 2015 series of photographs by artist Rita Minissi.

Earlier this week, the label launched a viral marketing campaign for the new Yeezy 500 sneaker, shot by photographer Eli Russell Linnetz and featuring well-known Instagram peronalities like Kristen Noel Crawley and the Cleremont Twins.

Earlier today, Diet Prada posted a series of side-by-side comparison images, showing the new Yeezy campaign along with Minissi’s photographs, and while some share more overt similarities than others, the influence seems fairly clear.

“It’s pretty messed up when you consider the original work by Rita Minissi explores identity and was inspired by dealing with personal trauma and a resulting desire to reconnect with her own body,” they wrote.

“Will Kanye own up to it this time, or will he be blaming others like he did with the Tony Spackman sketch not so long ago?”

As you may recall, back in May, Kanye shared a 2005 sketch by a former Nike designer,  claiming it as the work of someone from his own design team.

After the internet jumped on the case, he blamed a “newly-hired designer”, saying the person had been fired, and credited its original artist Tony Spackman, who currently works for Givenchy.

He has not yet commented on this.