Justin Bieber’s New Fashion Line Just Landed & It’s Like Beige Threw Up On Beige

Did you know Justin Bieber had a fashion line? I bloody didn’t – what rock have I been living under to not know that Drew (the name of his brand) existed?

[jwplayer y5bz6doa]

Biebs has been teasing it out since last year, but he’s finally dropped the range to BUY, and look it’s not too bad IMO.

OKAY YES, they are VERY BEIGE. It’s a beige party and only beige clothing items were invited. If these models lay down on my carpet right now and covered their faces I would accidentally walk on top of them, and they’d be like “RUDE” and I’d be like, well DON’T WEAR ENTIRELY BEIGE OUTFITS AND LIE ON MY CARPET THEN FUCKFACE.

But if you take each piece solo, they’re pretty good no? I am particularly into that oversized cord shirt, for example.

And like these pants are entirely NOT my personal vibe, but they’re definitely A vibe.

Even the prices aren’t too bad – that shirt above? $204AUD. Which is like PRICEY but no worse than some boutique brands you already shop at, no?

The terrible news is the whole bloody line has sold out in HOURS. But head to the Drew House website because they’ll 100% restock.