How To Get Away With Wearing A Jumper For Every Occasion


Ooooft, can you feel that? The cool air is back, bringing with it the promise of jumper season and we’re excited. Reason being, there’s just nothing better than snuggling up in a cosy woolly sweater when autumn starts closing in.

So here to help stop you from ever having to take off your snug attire of choice, we’ve joined up with H&M and their new autumn menswear collection (in stores now) to bring you a handful of clever ways to wear your beloved jumper collection to literally any occasion.

Your mate’s party – the round neck


Jumper, $44.99 at H&M

Of all of the items on the list, dressing for a party is (probably) the chillest of all.

But the most important thing to remember when dressing for more casual occasions is ensuring that your casual wear still looks clean and well-presented, otherwise, you run the risk of looking like a bit of a dag.

Swap out your tired bobbly jersey for a fre$h, slouchy knit (see above) and a pair of chinos. Then inject some cool by mixing in more casual accessories like bold sneaks.

First date – the fresh hue


Knit, $29.99 at H&M

First dates are effectively job interviews for your love life. Granted, that’s not a very romantic way of looking at dates, but it’s true. Just like when you meet your prospective co-worker, you want your first impression with your hot date to be impressive, rather than underwhelming.

Ideally, you want to strike that perfect balance between looking clean and presentable, but also relaxed and casual. This means wearing something that you feel comfortable in – cue: the crew neck jumper – preferably in an earthy, statement hue (see above), finished with a casual jacket shrugged over the top and matching pants.

Meeting the ‘rents – the V-neck


Jumper, $39.99 at H&M

When picking an outfit for the meeting the ‘rents milestone, it’s very much a case of ‘know your audience’.

For example, you might want your partner’s mates to see you like a nice, cool dude, but their parents probably don’t give a crap if you look ‘cool’, they just want you to look sensible and trustworthy.

Use this as a gauge for picking your outfit, opting for more classic, timeless pieces, like this zip-down V-neck style (see above) worn with printed trousers and a smarter coat.

To shop the tight edit, head into your nearest H&M store today.