Julia Nobis’s Awesome Dad Rebuts Thin-Shaming Douchebag

On Tuesday, we reported on Australian model, Julia Nobis and tastelessly abrasive attacks to her body as dished out by Cenk Uygur, a reporter for The Young Turks.

Nobis was featured on the cover of The NY Times’ fashion and lifestyle inset, T magazine, with a bunch of readers writing complaint letters scrutinising her “unnaturally” thin frame, because didn’t you know that genetics only accounts for humans of “normal” and overweight body types? Uygur (Urgh) then, in failing to bring anything pragmatic to the subject, went on propel it into further disarray, labeling her “disgusting,” “gross” and “obviously anorexic” in the video below.

The Young Turks video garnered commentary inflammation via YouTube, predominantly in heady objection with Uygur, and including some amazing shows of Sticking It To The Man by Nobis’ incredibly excellent and web-savvy father, Eddy. This is him:

I don’t think much more needs to be said. Eddy, a father from the humble country of Australia showed us all how to use The Internet for productive engagements as well as reminding us that some people have inferior brains. Unfortunately,  it seems Cenk didn’t learn anything at all, as evidenced by going here.
Here’s the full video if you missed it:

Via Buzzfeed