Julia Gillard’s “Biggest Fan” Buys Former PM’s Altona Home $250,000 Over Expected Price

Overly enthusiastic auspol creeps with money crowded the auction of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard‘s humble Altona home yesterday, a momentous event which – according to The Age, attracted hundreds of people, a few serious bidders and whose atmosphere resembled a “circus”, because Altona folks truly know how to have fun.

The recently-listed home in Melbourne was bought fifteen years ago for a mere $140,000; from the moment the property hit the market, however, its value was expected to surge above the asking and median price for the surrounding area, because of its “intangible value”, according to one Melbourne real estate agent. 

According to The Age, among throngs of crowds, four serious bidders helped skyrocket the price well over the median $560,000 house price for Altona. Officially putting the house on the market at a bid of $680,000, the price continued to climb steeply until falling at an astonishing $921,000. 

The winning bid went to the self-proclaimed – according to The Age – “biggest fan” of JG, Jain Wang, with an agent telling Fairfax, “Jain is a fan of Julia Gillard and she admires her…The contract’s in her name, so it’s passing from woman to woman. She wanted it right from the start. She said to me it was a dream to her. I’ve spoken to Julia and Tim and they’re very, very happy and surprised with the result.” 

Ordinary three bedroom, two bathroom house in Melbourne’s suburbs? Around $600,000.
Ordinary three bedroom, two bathroom house in Melbourne’s suburbs with whiffs of Julia Gillard’s precious DNA scattered everyplace? Priceless.

Via The Age.
Title image by Mark Wilson via Getty.