Julia Gillard’s Altona Home Up For Sale

If you have $600,000 lying around in an old Saucony shoebox somewhere and have always wondered what being at home with Julia is like (sans Julia) you’ll be happy to know that the current lady of leisure and former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s humble abode in the working class Melbourne suburb of Altona is now up for sale and ready for you to live in, per Domain.com.au.

The three bedroom house purchased for just $140,000 fifteen years ago has since been vacated with the former Prime Minister and her partner, Tim Mathieson, reported to have spent $1.8 million on a beachside property in South Australia.

But how much does the twinkle of a celebrity former owner impact the value of a property? Quite a lot according to one Melbourne real estate agent who says to Fairfax that, “there is obviously a bit of history attached to the house” which will add “intangible value” to a property expected to sell for somewhere in excess of $600,000.

That type of unquantifiable intangible value that will appeal specifically to crazy people. So if you’re a crazed prospective home owner who wants nothing more than to scour the floors and mirrors of the bathroom for a clean DNA sample so that you may one day clone her, please overpay for this.

For everyone else, the open house inspection is scheduled to take place on November 23rd.