Julia Gillard Steps Back Into The Spotlight As New Chair Of BeyondBlue

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been appointed chair of BeyondBlue, marking her most prominent public role since leaving office in 2013.

Gillard, who has served on the board of Australia’s most recognisable mental health advocacy organisation since 2014, said her interest in the position was borne of watching her father practice as a psychiatric nurse.
After describing the outdated frameworks he had to operate within, Gillard said “now we are prepared to talk about our own mental health, we are prepared to talk about anxiety and depression and suicide in our community, we are prepared to face up to the fact that people that need assistance don’t get the help they require when they most need it.”
In a video statement, Gillard addressed the influence of her prior gig, saying “it will be good to have a cause where I can bring the attention that comes with being a former Prime Minister to bear.”

Agreed, tbh.

Gillard will take over from former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett, who founded the organisation in 2000. She’s expected to pick up the role from July 1.

Source: ABC. 
Photo: Theo Wargo / Getty.