Jonesy & Cheryl Just Noped Out Of ‘MAFS’ & He Shouldered 0% Of The Blame

For the better part of a fortnight, a fair chunk of Australia has been watching the “relationship” of Cheryl Maitland and Andrew “Jonesy” Jones rattle itself apart on Married At First Sight. 

Sure, you’d expect the makeweight pairing of two random, rejected individuals to explode, but watching Jonesy unload on Maitland to Da Boiz– and then deny his belligerence ever occurred – was something else. 
Tonight, after all that, the pair went busto as both Jones and Maitland decided to leave during the show’s umpteenth so-called Commitment Ceremony. 
Again, this was widely expected, especially after tense behind-the-scenes news about their fraught relationship was vomited into the headlines. Still, the way Jonesy all but cleared himself of blame for the partnership’s demise was galling – even for a show which has cemented its reputation on melodramatic pabulum. 
Despite all of the nonsense spouted in previous days, and how obviously demeaning and counter-productive his comments were, Jones still had the temerity to say he “must have” done something to contribute to the breakdown, but “I just can’t put my finger on it.”

Here’s a still that suggests he can, indeed, put his finger on the problem:

via Channel 9.
You can argue that his statement he “must have” done something wrong was an admission, until you realise there was never a solid apology at the end of it. Cya, mate.

Now, we’ve all got more time for Sean and Susan, and unexpected cuties Simon and Alene. If we’re going to endure such a weird, weird show, we should at least focus on its most positive aspects, right?

Source and photo: Married At First Sight / Channel 9.