Jon Stewart is currently knee-deep is his first hosting gig since The Daily Show wrapped, emceeing the grudge-fuelled smackdown between the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar at WWE’s SummerSlam.

But before his official duties got under way, Jon – who, if his scruffy AF appearance is anything to go by, is loving not being professionally made-up every day – walked the corridors of Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center with his 11-year-old son Nathan.

Bumping into WWE United States Champion John Cena, he did the Good Dad thing and got an autograph for his starstruck kid, who’s a mad fan of pro-wrestling.

 When Cena left to go smash some protein shakes psyche out Seth Rollins, Jon snatched the autograph from Nathan, informing him he’s “gonna throw this right up on eBay” because “Daddy’s retired now”.

His kid rn: 


Done being a shit bloke, Jon went on to slay his opening monologue, chanting Beastie Boys lyrics and joking, “I spent the last 16 years talking about politics, it’s nice to be back in reality.”

Watch it in full here:

Via WWE.