Presidential candidate Donald Trump is not going very well in current election polls. Not very well at all. 

However, there is now widespread concern that people will rely on those rubbish current figures as concrete proof that he won’t win and so won’t bother to vote – therefore increasing the chance of Trump nabbing the Presidency of the free world, which is the stupidest thing we’ve ever heard. 

But y’know what – we’ve now realised that we can’t be judgemental. Australia‘s done the exact same thing in the past too. 

When, you ask, did we nominate a Cheeto-shaded xenophobe for Australian politics? Well, never (unless you count Pauline Hanson, we guess). 

But we have gotten too complacent in the past, and someone very, very important lost out on a deserved title because of it. 

Yes, we are of course talking about this woman. Duh:


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Former host of ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here‘ Joel Creasey was the one who alerted us to this horrifying but accurate similarity between the two situations. 

Creasey writes, 

“[Ricki-Lee] was flying through the competition. We didn’t even care that she was actually from New Zealand or the fact she auditioned in a pair of ugg boots. She was the Australian Idol we deserved.

I mean, at least 3 of the other candidates couldn’t sing and another was called Marty – need I say more?

But then on the 11th of October 2004, disaster struck. After giving a solid performance of ‘We Can Work It Out’ on Beatles week we, the Australian people, sat back and did nothing.

The following night we watched in horror as Ricki-Lee Coulter was unceremoniously dropped from the competition while a bald guy called Marty was safe to sing another week. Did we really want to see Marty tackle Big Band Week instead of Ricki-Lee? Hell No!

America, we got complacent.

All it took was one phone call. One text message ‘RICKI’ to 19 10 10. ONE MOMENT IN OUR LIVES TO CHANGE THE COURSE OF HISTORY.

We haven’t forgiven ourselves, America. And you won’t either.”

Joel Creasey Begs The US To Vote / Avoid Our Great Ricki-Lee Fuck Up Of ‘04Joel Creasey Begs The US To Vote / Avoid Our Great Ricki-Lee Fuck Up Of ‘04Joel Creasey Begs The US To Vote / Avoid Our Great Ricki-Lee Fuck Up Of ‘04

See the complete post here:

Joel is correct – if you have American friends and loved ones, remind them to vote, because their vote matters. 

We created a country where Ricki-Lee Coulter missed out on the crown. We had no one to blame but ourselves; it was our fault, and our fault alone. 

Don’t be like us, America. Text ‘HILLARY‘ or ‘DONALD’ to 19 10… wait. Shit.

Source: Facebook / Joel Creasey.